These two parks consist of thousands of hectors of land.  The size of the parks  provide for many habitats of wildlife, mostly the BIG 5

AMBOSELI is where you will see herds of Elephants that inhabit the park. Explore the tracks that stretch across the plains, view an

array of large game and many bird species , get up close with the Elephants.

The Dry months result in scarce vegetation which offer the perfect opportunity  to view wildlife 

Arid earth extending as far as the eye can see and vibrant oases of swamps teeming with life this is the  40,000-hectare AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK.

MOUNT KILIMANJARO is found in Eastern Kenya with its snow-laden peaks which is beautiful to view. 

TSAVO and the WEST NATIONAL PARKS are divided by the Ugandan railway. TSAVO WEST offers superb climbing opportunities with magnificent views of the plains  The Maasai always welcome visitors to their villages and many guide in this area.  Their keen knowledge of the area is incredible as is their age old traditions. Rock climbing is very popular in TSAVO NATIONAL PARK  Mainless lions still inhabit

the area.  Mzima Springs attract many crocodiles vervet monkeys and hippos.

Where to Stay in AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK  which is very popular to visit on Safari to East Africa with the background of Kilimanjaro it makes for the most amazing photographs.

Lions are often found and there are swamps that attract the diversity of wildlife and especially birdlife. 

OL TUKAI LODGE - This is one of the newer lodges in Amboseli National Park, and the amazing views are endless of the plains.

There is plenty of game here to watch whilst sitting on your patio. The guided walks here are superb as the birdlife is amazing.

The rooms are spread out beneath the trees in clusters of four, Rooms reflect traditional Africa Style. Its a Nice lodge to stay at. It definately has an Out of Africa experience about it. 


TORTILIS CAMP -  This camp looks out onto

Mount Kilimanjaro. This is a tented camp and

is named after the flat-topped, umbrella thorn tree, the Acacia Tortilis.

There is a main lounge, bar and dining area, all exquisitely built with natural materials and thatched roofs, with magnificent views of Kilimanjaro.

AMBOSELI SOPA LODGE is really worth staying at. The  rustic luxury of Amboseli Sopa Lodge makes it the perfect spot for the adventurer who is hoping to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro. 

The lodge is only 20 minutes from the Amboseli Nationa park and has Epic view of 

Mount Kilimanjaro 

One can learn a lot about the Maasai people staying at Amboseli Sopa Lodge.

We also book the following 

Amboseli Serena Lodge

Amboseli Porini Camps


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