Porini Camps are set within a selection of conservancies within magnificent Kenya.


Choosing to stay at one of these camps is most definitely an optimal choice.
Staying within a private conservancy gives you a much better and authentic experience without the high density of tourists within one area.
Porini Safari camps are small and authentic with a rustic charm combined with modern comforts,
such as private bathrooms with flush toilets. 
Each camp is situated within a private wildlife conservancy for an intimate safari experience.
These safaris are for true wildlife enthusiasts, those of you who wish to get close to nature and enjoy a personal adventure with a knowledgeable and qualified safari guide. 
Guided walks with Masai warriors allow you to become engrossed in the African wilderness
and experience tracking the footprints of the big cats and their prey.

Safari camping is all about the experience while being eco friendly and as close to nature as possible.
We at Torchwood Travel highly recommend Porini Safari Camps.

Let us tell you about Porini Camps 


This award-winning safari camp is set in the Amboseli eco-system within the exclusive Selenkay Conservancy- an important wildlife dispersal area for wildlife moving out of Amboseli National Park. 

The cost factor is reasonable, and the experience is just  outstanding. The Maasai staff are always welcoming and hospitable.
Porini Amboseli Safari Camp is small , it has only 9 spacious guest tents. These tents are tastefully furnished and have solar powered electric lighting with en suite bathrooms including shower, wash basin and flush toilet. Staying here is like staying at the Hyatt with a tent around it. 
 The camp provides an exclusive yet friendly experience with a maximum of 18 guests at a time and it is fully-inclusive of all meals, drinks (wine, gin & tonics, beer, sodas and mineral water) and activities (including day and night shared game drives, guided walks and sundowners).
Game drives are in specially-designed, open-sided off-road (4x4) safari vehicles with expert safari guides.
Once always leaves here with a want to return as if to visit family.

The award-winning Porini Mara Camp is located in a unique and beautiful setting under yellow-barked Acacia trees along the banks of the Laetoli. You will just love it!!
This camp has six spacious guest tents  containings comfortable furnishings and ensuite facilities (with hot shower and flush toilets). 
High quality meals are prepared and even home-baked bread. 
Porini Mara Camp is fully-inclusive of meals, drinks (gin & tonics, wine, beer, sodas and mineral water) and all activities (including day and night game drives, sundowners and escorted walks). 
There is also an opportunity to book a Hot Air Balloon Safaris which are just the best ever.
Game drives (shared) are in 4x4 safari vehicles with very knowledgeable guides and believe me  you will experience the wilderness without the crowds and hundreds of other tourist vans.
Staying on the conservancies benefits the local communities.

We know our clients are in good hands with guides like our good friend and Porini safari guide -
Ol Kasane Wilson


Porini Lion Camp offers a unique opportunity to take guided walks with Maasai Warriors and experience day and night game drives

This is just the ultimate experience.
Porini Lion camp is situatedwithin the Olare Motorogi Conservancy – a pristine and exclusive 33000-acre wilderness set aside for wildlife conservation and low-impact tourism. 
The game-viewing within the conservancy is just the ultimate due to its unspoiled natural state and Porini Lion Camp - with just ten tents ensures guests have a genuine “away from it all” experience deep in the African bush. What an absolute pleasure.
Porini Lion Camp accommodation is fully inclusive of all meals, drinks (beer, wine, sodas, gin & tonics and mineral water) as well as all activities (including day and night game drives, escorted walks and sundowners).
Game drives (shared) are in specially-designed off-road (4x4) safari vehicles with expert / qualified safari guides to ensure the best possible game-viewing.  
The wildlife and the people are just simplythe best ever Safari you would want to experience.




Start your safari off by staying at Nairobi Tented Camp.

Deep within a riverine forest minutes from Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Wilson Airport and Nairobi City is a true wilderness experience.
You can arrive into Kenya and get 'straight under canvas' within 30 minutes of leaving the airport.
Nairobi Tented Camp is an authentic tented camp in the heart of Nairobi National Park. and  is a great base to start your journey on Safari.
The camp consists of nine guest tents each with accommodation for two people.
Each tent has its own toilet and shower, so you can enjoy the luxury of en-suite living 'safaris style', with hot water heated over a log fire and bought to your shower when you're ready.
All meals at  Nairobi Tented Camp are crafted to complement the authenticity of the safari experience. 


Rhino River Camp is situated in 80 acres of privately owned wilderness right on the edge of the Meru National Park.
This is an  excellent base from where to explore Meru National Park.
The camp is made up of 7 luxurious cottages built from caramel Canvas and hardwood and is set on raised wooden platforms from where you can watch the gentle flow of the Kindani River.
This makes your experience at Rhino river camp truly magical.
Each room is designed with its own private “meditation” area. You can unwind, meditate, read a novel or simply sit back and listen to the sounds of the river. 
The rooms are spacious and offer beautiful views of raffia palms, yellow fever trees, and tamarinds while overlooking the river.


Porini Rhino Camp is situated in a  secluded valley, on the banks of a seasonal river under the shade of acacia trees.
The camp consists of just seven spacious and comfortable guest tents, each allowing for amazing views. 
The tents are very nicely  furnished and have  solar-power lighting and ensuite hot shower and flush toilet. The camp is  designed to have minimum environmental impact (with no permanent structures and using eco-friendly fuel). They are small, intimate camps which are eco friendly owned by the Maasai. The food is exceptional and the Massai always make one  feel pampered. 
The camp is fully inclusive of meals, drinks (gin & tonics, beer, wine, sodas and mineral water) as well as day and night shared game drives, escorted walks, sundowners, a visit to Baraka the Black Rhino & Information Center and a visit to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.
The Conservancy ensures excellent game-viewing and game drives - with “proper” open-sided, off-road (4x4) safari vehicles and the guides do know everything.  What a fantastic camp.  
Porini Cheetah Camp opened in June 2017.  The camp is a small-tented camp designed to maximize your wildlife experience. 
Porini Cheetah Camp is located close to the Olare Lemunyi watercourse, between the White Rock feature on the one hand and a marsh fed by a permanent underground spring that is a magnet for the antelopes and zebras, especially in the dry season.
The Porini Cheetah Camp is unfenced and located inside a private conservancy far from the usual safari crowds.
It has just six spacious guest tents. The camp does offer Wifi Internet in the public areas .
The camp is entirely solar-powered and the comfortable tents have fans and charging points for use in the day.
Porini Cheetah Camp also has  bathrooms with hot shower, flush toilet and water on tap.
Fresh ingredients to prepare high quality meals and even home-baked bread. Indian cuisine is available on request.

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