THE MASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK  is an amazing Reserve to visit, Its sheer size—extending to and eventually joining Tanzanias National park. Its famous for its fantastic polulations of lion, cheetah and leopards. 

Masai Mara is where you go to see The Great Wildebeest Migration, every year from July to October you will see 

thousands of zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle leaving clouds of dust in their wake as they stampede toward (literally) greener pastures in the Serengeti. Its all  frantic and panicky as they attempt to avoid being singled out by a watchful pride of lions, or taken by a crocodile as they try to cross the rivers.

The Maasai tribe call this area home. The Mara is home to a range of lodges and camps where visitors are afforded the opportunity to immerse themselves in an authentic safari experience.  I would strongly recommend visiting the Masai Mara.

There are many lodges in the Mara to choose from and it can be quite daunting. WE have listed below some of the places that we would recommend on Safari so ask us for more information.

The lodges in the western sector backing onto the Oloololo Escarpment have  the best game viewing and highest concentration of wildlife.

These lodges are not easily accessed by minibus and therefore tend to attract fly in safari guests 

MARA TOTO CAMP  is set against the backdrop of a lush green forest. Granting its guests with access to both the Olare Motorogi Conservancy and the Masai Mara Reserve  and this little safari camp has the most exciting game drives and  game viewing opportunities.

Its Truly a camp to see amazing animals

REKERO CAMP - this is where you experience a traditional safari - its located along the Talek River where lions, zebras, hippos can be seen just steps from your tent. There are many vantage points for game viewing.

REKERO CAMP is an excellent family option.

SAND RIVER MASAI MARA overlooks the Sand River and is protected by a grove of shady trees. This is a camp for seclusion.

Game drives and hot Air Balloon safaris provide spectacular year round Big 5 viewing.

If you looking for somewhere secluded then this is the place to stay 

THE SANCTUARY OLONANA CAMP  in Kenyas Big Game Country is unique in that not only do you get to see the amazing game but this Camp offers a rare glimpse of hte day to day lives of the Masai People as their village is adjacent to the lodge.  Its amazing for that cultural experience. 

A premier camp  is the GOVERNERS' IL MORAN CAMP which offers an intimate experience plus a bit of added luxury. The Tents are set out under the trees on the banks of the Mara River and this is in the heart of prime game viewing territory.

This camp you have to fly into, and only 15 minutes drive from the landing Airstrip. 

Its really a wonderful place to stay, where you can see the Big 5 and of course the seasonal migration.

LITTLE GOVERNERS CAMP  has won many international awards since its creation in 1976 The Camp is  surrounded by forests and open plains, and overlooks a busy waterhole and each of the 17 tented suites has a private verandah from which to watch the passing parade of African wildlife.

Its such a good choice

GOVERNERS CAMP was originally reserved for the exclusive use of the country’s colonial governors. Having set new standards for luxury tented accommodation at its inception in 1972. Governors’ continues to offer a really refined experience under canvas 

We also book the following 

Governers Private Camp

Sarora Mara Camp

Mara Serena Safari Lodge

Keekorok Lodge

Mara Sopa Lodge

Torchwood Travel can Tailor-make any Safari to suit your needs