Torchwood Travel  has access to the latest airfares and special offers that become available.
We do our very best to offer you the lowest possible fares which we advise in our Newsletters and on our Facebook page.
We also offer Premium Economy and Business Class Airfares.

Torchwood Travel has always worked with airfares to and from South Africa however we also book flights to all countries around the world.
Torchwood Travel  has access to the latest packages on the Market.
so if you looking at visiting Australia, the UK and Europe, Canada or the USA, maybe the Middle East and of course the South Pacific or even if you looking for a cruise hop over to our Travel Managers website page under
destinations you will find all the latest packages.
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We can offer to quote you comprehensive Policies through Covermore.
Its important to be covered for Insurance when you are travelling to any destination.  Medical and Health costs can be extremely high to pay.