A few weeks ago Torchwood Travel took first time visitors

to South Africa on Safari for another adventure in the bush

Our team consisted of David our Tracker, Pieter Dannhauser our

amazing guide and our very own Chene Wales-Baillie also now a

guide for Nkorho Bush Lodge

I have to personally say that there is nothing more magical than

the African Bush, and it was a pleasure to showcase the world of

nature and beauty to our guests with David, Pieter and Chene.

Our stay at our favourite lodge Nkorho Bush Lodge brought sightings

as always of the Big 5, including some of my favourite

feathered friends, one being the Yellow Bill Hornbill.

Yellow Bill Hornbill

Nkorho Bush Lodge is situated in the Sabi Sands Private Reserve which

borders the Kruger National Park, and its here that you are always sure

to see the Big 5 especially Leopard. Sabi Sands has many leopards.

We entered Gowrie Gate after having our car checked and drove down

Gowrie Main, looking out for game all the time, we did see some

impala and kudu on the way to the lodge.

Arriving at the lodge is always special as all those that work at Nkorho Bush

Lodge are very special to our Torchwood Family. We settled in to our allocated

room/s and it was time for a long cold drink and a wonderful lunch prepared

by the chef Pierre whilst looking over the open area towards the waterhole.

Pierre creates the most delicious food.

The swimming pool was so inviting that we spent the early part of the

afternoon cooling off as the heat was rather intense being December in


The pool overlooks the waterhole as does the dining area and quite a few buffalo

had come down for a drink at midday.

Soon it was Drive Time and our first Game Drive. Everyone was excited as

we climbed aboard the vehicle. All we heard was Lets Go!!

Setting off into the drive we stopped to take our first sighting of an

Elephant throwing up dust

It was not long before we started to drive through thick thicket, our guide Pieter

knew what he was looking for, so did I (I understand Shangaan a little)

but our guests didnt. There is front of us lying on a mound was our very

first leopard sighting. The leopard is called Quarantine and what an amazing


Cameras were flashing!.

Back on the sand road, David was checking the tracks and

nodding. Along the way we saw Impala and Kudu and some beautiful

giraffe. We drove along and in front of us was a White Rhino he was

wallowing in the mud surrounded by Buffalo - Well spot the odd one out!

The radio beeped and we were off to another amazing sighting.

On the open area of Nkorho in front of us were a pair of lions, the male

being one of the Birmingham males which have taken over the

territory with his female. Our guests were in awe especially when the male

lion walked straight towards us and around the vehicle. The lions

were just totally unpreturbed by the presence of the vehicle.

Again some awesome photographic opportunities.

It was time for our afternoon Sunset drinks, served with savories

and my favorite "Biltong." We sipped our drinks whilst watching

the huge red ball in the sky starting to decend. We all felt we were blessed

what an amazing way to spend the last day of 2015 watching the

Sunset over the African Bush I was as always in awe of it all.

The sun started setting and we continued on our drive, soon our

tracker David had his spotlight out scanning the bush around

and it wasnt long before again the spotlight shone on a male

leopard. It was the leopard called Mvula. WOW how amazing

to have seen both leopards in one day.

Time to return to the lodge, it was Party Time it was the end

of 2015. The old year was passing and the brand New Year was

starting. On arrival back at the lodge were were handed hot towels

and a cocktail. Lots to talk about our first drive. It had been so

exciting and we couldnt wait for the next one in the morning

Dinner had been laid out on the deck near the swimming pool and

I have to say it was so beautifully decorated. Dinner was a 3 course

meal prepared by chef Pierre, and it was incredible. Later we

danced to the music till the clock struck 12!

It was now 2016

If you thinking of visiting Nkorho Bush Lodge

You can make reservations in New Zealand with Torchwood

Travel by emailing diane@travelmanagers.co.nz

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