Please take a few minutes to read our terms & conditions and confirm that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions relating to your travel arrangements made by Torchwood Travel.

All prices are subject to change due to currency fluctuations or changes in airline rulings. Your prices are guaranteed only when full payment has been received. Our prices may include booking or service fees, these will be explained with your travel quote.


Payments can be made by cash, eftpos or direct debit. If you wish to pay by credit card, please enquire as a fee may apply. If payment is made within 5 working days of departure – we will only accept credit cards or direct debit. 

Torchwood Travel reserves the right to pass on any fees incurred in collecting late or overdue payments.


Please advise us of your affiliation with any airline frequent flyer/mileage membership programme. Preserve your boarding passes and copies of tickets for point verification against your statement in case the airline does not capture your membership data correctly. Without these, you may be unable to claim points.


We strongly recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy when making your travel bookings. Torchwood Travel will provide you with a quotation from our preferred provider. If it is possible to do so, such insurance should cover the financial collapse of all parties involved in providing services to you during your travel as well as protecting you against medical expenses arising from sickness or injury during your travel and against loss of or damage to your belongings.

There are a number of different policies available to suit all travellers to all destinations.


While developing the bookings to suit your requirements we do not charge amendment fees, however once reservations are confirmed, cancellation fees and/or amendment fees will apply.

If you do have to cancel your reservations, every effort is made to minimize any fees incurred.


We recommend that you confirm your flight with the local airline office at least 3 days prior to scheduled departure. At this time, also check reporting and flight departure times as these may be subject to change.
We take the best of care when putting together the arrangements requested by you in regard to your travel and accommodation.
It is important that you check all of the documentation handed to you in relation to your proposed travel and accommodation to ensure that it fully meets with your requirements and to ensure that there have been no misunderstandings.


A valid passport is required to travel internationally (some countries insist the validity be for at least six months beyond the dates of your visit.) You are responsible for ensuring your Passport is current and able to be used for travel. If you would like our advice on this we will need to see your passport (scan or photocopy would be fine.)
You should clarify visa requirements with the Embassies of the countries that you plan to visit as certain countries may require you to take out a visa whether you are travelling on a New Zealand or a foreign passport.


It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate documentation including visas. We are happy to assist you to determine visa requirements wherever possible. The authorities in some countries (including Australia and USA) require holders of New Zealand passports to take out a visa for entry into their country where the traveller has been sentenced to imprisonment or been convicted of certain types of criminal offence. A visa may also be required where the traveller has a contagious disease of a specific type.


It is imperative that your name as shown on your airline tickets matches exactly your name as shown in your Passport. If we have not been able to sight your passport and verify this ourselves then we rely entirely on you to check this.

Please check the name on your passport carefully before advising us of name details for your tickets.

Getting this wrong can be serious. Airlines consider it a security risk and will often refuse to carry passengers whose tickets do not match their passports. Re-issuing tickets to fix incorrect names can also be expensive and incur fees.

You are responsible for all costs incurred if we have to correct the name on your tickets.


Certain countries require that travellers be vaccinated against specific diseases. Check with your doctor and the Embassies of countries to which you are to travel, to satisfy yourself as to whether your destination has any requirements in this respect.


All arrangements are subject to the supplier’s transport /accommodation/tour provider regulations and conditions detailed on tickets, vouchers, travel brochures, at accommodation premises, on transport vehicles, or as advised at the time of booking.


Baggage allowances vary depending on the airline you’re flying on and the fare type. Please ask us for the accurate baggage allowance for your travel plans.