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A B O U T   U S

We are a small, family run agency with a wealth of knowledge and great personality.

Combining almost 47 years of travel and hospitality experience, we strive to provide the highest levels of service, ensuring you are looked after every step of the way.

We curate personalised travel itineraries based on your interests and needs. 

Being adventurous souls ourselves, who love to travel and explore the world, we offer real world experience and ensure we understand and are aligned with each brand and company we use.


Diane Wales-Baillie

With over 40 years in the travel industry and countless destinations visited, Diane truly has dedicated most of her life to her biggest passion - travel. Born and raised in South Africa, she immigrated to New Zealand in the year 2000, which is now where she calls home.

you are looking for flights, booking your dream holiday to an exotic destination or perhaps thinking of ticking an African Safari off your bucket list, Diane has the skills to get you there.


Chene Wales-Baillie

Born in South Africa and having grown up in New Zealand, Chene left her professional life as a graphic designer to pursue the dream of becoming a safari guide in the African Wilderness.
After 8 years of working in the luxury safari industry, including landing her dream job with the leading name in conservation,  Chene has spent countless hours hosting people from all walks of life. With this, she has developed an intuitive and deep understanding in creating life changing experiences for all of her guests.

Combined with her love and passion for travel, this makes Chene the ideal person to handle your next dream getaway.

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